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We’re changing the way businesses use the internet on a daily basis. We provide training and consulting to enhance your knowledge and use of Google in your everyday business life. Google is much more than a search engine.

At work or at play, Google’s the way. If you’re like most people, you’re using Google’s products several times a day to search the internet, check e-mail or to simply get directions. Let us show you how “Google” can simplify your life both personally and professionally. Google is so much more than just a great search engine. Google has many hidden features that are fun, useful and most of all will benefit your business if used properly.  How do you discover all these hidden features within the Google site?  Register for our next small business seminar and find out.

What most people don’t know is how many useful tools Google offers that make everything from tracking a package to creating, hosting and publishing web pages a breeze. Here are just a few of the products you’ll learn about during our seminar. G-Mail, Google Voice, Google Health, Calendar, Docs, Picasa, Mapping, Blogger and more.  These Google products make basic computing tasks fun and easy and are a must for any business on or using the internet.

Our business seminars are strictly catered to small business owners who think Google is only a search engine. After attending our seminar, we guarantee you’ll learn something new or we’ll completely refund your money, no questions asked.

You’ll learn how to put your business on the map and learn how to feature that business on Google maps and in Google earth. Learn where the people are coming from and how they found you.

Did you know that Google is in the phone business and by attending one of our seminars, you’ll never have to pay for long distance calls in the US again ?

Come to our seminar and learn how “QR” codes can increase your business.

Learn the latest features of Google pay per click advertising. Learn to list your web site on page one of the results page.

Come and learn about getting your web site placed in Googles organic (free) results.

Learn how to use Googles web master tools and tricks.

We’ll also teach you to create slide shows and professional DVD’s of your products, services, vacation videos, family events or anything you’ve recorded using your digital camera, digital video camera or personal computer. It’s fast, simple and best of all, it’s absolutely free. With your new found knowledge, you’ll learn how to preserve your photographic and video memories for a lifetime. Use this new found knowledge for business or pleasure. 

There’s nothing to buy or sell before, during or after the seminar. All of the software is provided “free” courtesy of Microsoft and Google just for attending our seminar. There are no upfront or monthly fees to use the software or to host your videos or information on-line. It’s all free, forever.

Our seminars are designed to help you become more efficient using the latest Google technology.

Four Hour Office / Small Business / Group Training For Your Organization – Call For Details & Specific Pricing
Our seminars are a guaranteed way for your organization or group to make or raise money.
We specialize in raising money for 501c3’s

Need A Geek For A Week ? - We’ll Supply Your Very Own Technology Consultant For An Entire 40 Hour Week - $3,999.99
Pick Their Brain Or Use Them To Train. Use Your Geek However You Seek. Please call to discuss your specific needs.

The rates quoted throughout the site are based on your group or organization providing the necessary A/V equipment
(A Internet signal, LED Projector, Microphones, Etc,) to conduct a successful seminar, meeting or workshop.

A/V equipment and secure a broadband connection is available for an additional charge if your facility is not equipped.


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